Until 5948 — barely a hundred years ago — Zinvar was one of the preeminent trading centers on Emer. A large island, it was an independent city-state at the mouth of the Keyten river . It had ties with the Dales, Danarchis, Kaitaine, and even Sel-kai and Zinvar had become a wealthy port to rival Kaitaine.

Then, in 5945, a man who only called himself the Nameless One arrived in Zinvar and announced that the city would fall within a year. After he wandered the city for 8 days foretelling doom, he was asked to leave the island.

For three years all was normal in Zinvar, and the city prospered. Then, three years later to the day (so the tales go), a ship with tattered black sails came riding into the western port at sunset, against the wind. It maneuvered into the port as if a skilled crew was at the sails, yet lookouts could see no one on deck. The ship touched the stone dock and vanished. Then the madness began.

Whether it was a plague or a curse of one of the Dark Gods will never be known. While legends say that no one escaped, a few Navigators did. Fleeing instantly, those whose Jumps did not go awry were mind-blasted idiots who only recovered after months of treatment. Those who did not escape attacked each other with the nearest weapon — or their bare hands. Trading ships who arrived later that evening saw the port ablaze, great fires reaching hundreds of feet into the air. They turned away. For days Zinvar burned, columns of smoke visible for miles. Supposedly no one has yet returned to the cursed isle… and lived to tell of it

Ghosts of Zinvar

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